Desk I. Table II. Revealing the Habitations for the Colony unique of Maori homes based on the Census used in the third April, dining table III

Showing the Inhabitants and Dwellings when you look at the nest based on the Census done on 3rd April, These finally nave come thought to be a lot more most likely staying in lower houses, and thrown in to the quantity during the next column. Table IV. Dining table V. Showing the people from the Colony unique of Maoris in the duration of each Enumeration, from December, , to April, , as well as the statistical and Centesimal Increase throughout the duration between each Enumeration; additionally the statistical and Centesimal Boost between February, , and April, Desk VI.

Table VII. N OTE. Table VIII.

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These rates were determined upon the full total amount of people, the sum of the quantity of the guys, in addition to total number of the women in the 1st year of each and every of the earlier durations, the numbers of which have been offered in desk VI. Table IX. Dining Table X. Table XI. Table XII. Dining Table XIII. Dining Table XIV.

Revealing, according to research by the Censuses of and , the Population special of Maoris of some metropolises, Boroughs, and Townships. Detailing, in line with the Censuses of and , the populace special of Maoris of some locations, Boroughs, and Townshipsa€”continued.

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Desk XV. The boroughs commonly contained in the counties. The people of this counties, including compared to the particular interior boroughs, are shown in dining table XIX. Table XVII. Showing the populace regarding the Wards or locally-known sections for the various Boroughs from inside the nest. The suburbs regarding the town of Christchurch, represented by that portion of the Electoral District of Christchurch sleeping outside of the limits from the Boroughs of Christchurch and Sydenham, contain a population of 8, the populace suburban to Dunedin and close boroughs is in specific adjoining street districts, and you will be present desk XXIV.

Dining Table XIX. Showing the Population associated with different Counties inclusive of compared to their particular inside Boroughs , in addition to their delivery. Desk XX. Table XXI. Desk XXII. Revealing the populace for the Electoral Districts exclusive of Maoris. Dining Table XXIV. Showing the state inhabitants special of Maoris in cities, Localities, and path areas, positioned in order to show the locations according to research by the Ridings whereby these include set.

PART V. ROLE X. PART I. Variety Of Dining Tables I. Table XXV. Showing the populace special of Maoris , the amount of Dwellinghouses Inhabited, and also the resources that designed, in accordance with the Census of 3rd April, Revealing the quantity of people, women and men special of Maoris , live at each and every amount of sex hookup apps android get older, inclusive and exclusive of Chinese, in line with the Census of Revealing the general Proportions of Males and Females in almost every Persons live at each era in regards to the Population, inclusive and special of Chinese, and unique of Maoris; furthermore Proportions your Chinese.

Showing special of Chinese and Maoris how many Bachelors of twenty years outdated and up, additionally the wide range of Spinsters of 15 Years old and upwards; the extra on the previous around latter; how many Bachelors to each and every Spinsters; additionally revealing how many Husbands and Wives, the extra of former on top of the second, or the in contrast; and also the few Husbands to every spouses, in each Provincial District therefore the whole Colony, from the Census with the 3rd April, Exhibiting, the Decades , , , and correspondingly, the populace in New Zealand special of Maoris and Chinese , Classified in line with the different levels of degree, in addition to Proportion per Cent, of each amount of studies for the Total society of the a number of Provincial areas inside the respective many years.

Revealing the variety of the Population, Persons. Showing the Education of Persons.

Guys, and girls exclusive of Maoris and Chinese , in each Borough. Revealing the Number of individuals, guys, and Females unique of Maoris of different Nationalities within the Colony of the latest Zealand additionally the a few Provincial areas, and showing in more detail the Subdivisions of the numerous Groups of Nationalities given inside additional Tables.

Showing the quantity of Persons, Males, and women unique of Maoris various Nationalities into the nest of brand new Zealand as well as the a number of Provincial Districts, and showing thoroughly the Subdivisions of the various Groups of Nationalities considering in some other Tablesa€” persisted. Specifics of the categories of vocations are given in desk IV. Persons off employment come in this desk under their own common or previous career. The data under Trade and makes people V. Inmates of hospitals and lunatic asylums are incorporated as inmates of non-profit organizations.

All inmates arc provided therefore under that heading.