“At 17:11 I managed to get a long text message on her behalf beginning with, ‘Ok i do believe I have the purpose’,” stated the students guy.

“This information worried me and that I tried to phone this lady but she failed to solution.

“i obtained another message at 17:13 claiming, ‘It doesn’t matter. Goodbye. Please forgive me’.

“the past message i obtained from the lady at 17:14 said: ‘Everyone loves your, knowing that you detest me is enough’.”

The previous night, Charlotte were out with buddies Stephanie Bradshaw and Kieran Ashcroft, the inquest heard.

While in the evening, she ended up being observed ingesting vodka, it had been stated.

Mr Ashcroft mentioned: “She informed me that she had been watching people labeled as Jack Hurst for around 2 years nonetheless they had since split up.

“She did not manage angry about any of it and appeared really happy the complete night.

“the following day we fell the woman off house around 6am and she sent me an email in the future. Charlotte told me that she was in fact having a beneficial night, and felt happy whenever I fallen their off the then day.”

Early in the day, Charlotte’s mothers, Martin and Deborah man, informed their unique girl had earlier self damaged together with already been described a healthcare professional.

Jack got earlier told all of them their girl have generated reviews to your about finishing this lady existence, the inquest read.

Mr and Mrs Guy stated the last times they saw Charlotte is on Sunday 24 Sep, whenever she got a cup tea together and aware all of them she was going to gather the girl circumstances from a buddy’s.

Mr Guy said the emails communicated to Jack happened to be ‘for attention’ and put: “Really don’t think she understood the severity of what she was actually carrying out.”

Charlotte’s uncle, Dean, mentioned of this lady break-up with Jack: “She had been distressed, however we viewed the movies as soon as she went residence she appeared more content.”

Coroner Alan Walsh tape-recorded a travel dating app narrative summation.

The guy mentioned: “you will need to remember that there is no proof that Charlotte made use of cocaine prior to now and no evidence that she was actually a consistent user.

“regarding the balance of this facts chances are that she used cocaine in what I have referred to as the crazy latest 2 days of her existence.

“But specifically important in the disorder what the girl mental state of brain in that years. As a non-regular individual, it would likely experienced a larger impact on their attention during that time.”

The coroner put: “Charlotte is 17 yrs old when she died. She is at university, along with her trigger guidelines happened to be services associated concerns of both college or university and work and domestic lifestyle with her sweetheart.

“that could better were an aspect to affect this lady state of mind. She was in a relationship with Jack Hurst to find the best part of 2 years.

“we believed they had the normal highs and lows of teenagers both elderly between 17 to 20. Really typical for those interactions having the good and the bad – on a single instant and from the subsequent.

“I know that it is typical of young adults in a connection. I believe that she was the one who concluded the connection, nevertheless nonetheless would have got an effect on the woman.

“I considered that i might experienced an impact on Jack at the time and certainly influenced him after finding out she passed away. I recognize at the time she may have been consuming cocaine several on the negative effects of which could has changed their behaviour and may even have actually changed the girl mind-set.

“I believed she is a difficult dude. The effect it will have on the family are beyond imagination.”